Bigelow Watershed Geomorphology is a small bay area environmental firm that uses the latest science and technology to help solve common problems in watersheds and rivers. Our expertise includes geomorphology, hydrology, aquatic habitat, and geospatial analysis (GIS).


Typical projects involve watershed analysis and history, terrain analysis, sediment sources, reach to basin scale sediment dynamics, and wood in streams.

We regularly work with other institutes and consultants and continually seek new collaborations. Our work is sincere and dedicated.

Keywords: Paul Bigelow, San Francisco Bay Area, fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, watershed analysis, sediment source assessment, geomorphic assessment, stream channel assessment, habitat assessment, incised channels, terrain analysis, geospatial analysis, GIS, sediment budget, large woody debris, LWD, landslides, erosion, aquatic habitat, salmon habitat, rivers, streams, creeks, consulting, California